Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby Chicks Have Arrived!

We have been thinking about getting chickens for quite awhile at our house. Zoie and Lexie love the idea of having more pets, What kid doesn't? So our new baby chicks have been added to our household petting zoo. We each picked out one chick from the local feed store.

Introducing my chicken - Pixie the Maran chicken - 1 week 2 days old

Maran chickens are a heavy chicken that produces large dark terra cotta colored eggs. They are an active chicken. When we got little Pixie home, her vent was all shut up with dried poo, and we had to clean it. I'm hoping that she will recover from that and be a nice healthy gal.

Introducing Zoie's chicky - Rocky the Jersey Giant chicken - 2 days old

Jersey Giant chickens are an extra large chicken that get to be over 10 pounds heavy! They produce extra-large brown eggs, and are a calm and docile chicken. So even though Rocky will be huge, she should be a sweetie. She is the probably the cutest, as she is only 2 days old and really just a tiny ball of fluff right now.

Introducing Lexie's chick - Fluffaz the Barred Rock chicken - Probably around 3 weeks old

Barred/Plymouth Rock chickens are another heavy chicken, this type makes large brown eggs. They are also docile, so it's a good choice for my somewhat easily spooked Lexie. Fluffaz is starting to get her comb and is more active and larger than they other birds currently so that is why we think she is two to three weeks old.

Introducing Mike's chicky - Vanna Colbert the Ameraucana chicken - 1 week 2 days old

Ameraucana chickens are a medium sized chicken. They produce Easter eggs! That is medium to large sized green, blue and sometimes pink eggs. How awesome is that? They also get a beard and puffed cheeks called a muff. Vanna Colbert is a sweet little thing now and should stay so as she grows up.

The little chicks make such cute noises in their little brooder that we made up for them. I can't wait to watch them grow up. Welcome to our household little chicks!