Friday, December 21, 2012

20 Minute Christmas Card Ornaments

I was looking for a quick and easy crochet pattern to make up some little gifts to give to my friends, co-workers and family last weekend. While on Ravelry I came across this pattern: Crochet-Christmas-Card-Ornament The pattern looked easy, and better than that, quick to make up!

Mike and I drove down to the local dollar store and picked up four packages of cute Christmas cards. I had some scrap cotton yarn (Lily Sugar n' Cream) leftover from other projects. So the whole project cost me around $4 to $8 dollars if you include the cost of the yarn I used. Nice to have an inexpensive option for homemade Christmas gifts!

The original pattern is pretty good, but I have some suggestions you might want to consider if you make some of these up. I usually cut the card in half, and used half for the front of the ornament, then flipped the second piece over and used it for the back of the card. If I wanted to make a larger ornament I just used two card fronts of the same card and put them back to back.
  • I used a size G hook instead of an I hook to make it easier to get the hook through hole punches.
  • For the square/rectangle ornaments you will want to round the corners to create a smooth edge.
  • For the square/rectangle ornaments I did 3 sets of sc, ch in each corner instead of 2 sets as suggested in the pattern. When I used only 2 sets the edging curled in and created a frame like effect, which was neat, but not what I was going for.
  • On the oval/circle ornaments you may need to use 2 ch between each sc to avoid the edges curling. It probably depends on how close you put your hole punches together, and what size hook you use.
  • If you do a 2nd round of edging, I really like the effect of doing a stitch (hdc or dc, your choice), ch, skip a stitch and repeat.

Happy Crafting and Merry Christmas! I hope your families and friends enjoy all of your homemade goodies.