Monday, May 14, 2012

Chicken Update

Our little chickens are growing up fast! We've had them for just over a month now and they have more than doubled in size. Fluffaz and Pixie are the biggest by far, and look very similar. The major difference is that Pixie has a bigger comb that has turned red. Fluffaz also has bluish legs and feet, while Pixie's are still a tan color.

Here is a picture taken of them all on Mike's arm April 17th.

L to R: Rocky, Pixie, Colbert, Fluffaz
And a picture of them on my arm on May 5th. What a size difference!
L to R: Rocky, Fluffaz, Colbert, Pixie

Here they all are roosting on my arm. They get pretty heavy after holding them up for a bit! They are all used to being handled by us, and will come over and hop onto our legs, climb up on our arms, to hang out.

Colbert (above) is starting to get quite the attitude. She loves to start flying and land one the other chickens backs, startling them. I'm not sure why but I think she is saying that she shouldn't be messed with even though she is going to be the smallest of the chickens.

We have upgraded the size of their brooder once already, but they are almost too big for it. Mike has been working on finishing up the chicken coop, and we bought some material to start making their enclosure this weekend. Hopefully we can get them moved into their new home soon!

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